Hello everyone,

Some of you might of just stumbled across me by acciendtly and then others from my Instagram account (book362worm). In case you didn’t know I am a book worm 😂 did you gather that ? Anyway I’m not to sure on what I’m going to post so far I’m thinking ;

~ book Rewiew

~ discussing about a book

Ok well that wasn’t as many ideas as I thought but thanks for reading this hope you like my account here  comment below if you have any ideas

Peace out ✌Book362worm aka Hannah


11 thoughts on “Introduction 

  1. hey there you probably know me from instagram @musicbooksbailey and just some suggestions on what you can post are
    -book hauls eg what books you got
    -to be read list
    -what books you want to get
    -diy on books
    -where you buy your books-online and instore

    i hope that helped 🙂

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  2. This is a really cool blog!! I’m new with blogs so is there a way I can like “follow” it?

    And also, just to engage people that look at the blog you could ask stuff like “how did you like TFIOS?” “What’s your favorite book?” I love people who do that sort of thing!!!

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