Trouble Review

Hello everybody,

        I am going to be talking about a novel called Trouble by Non Pratt

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This story is about ” A boy. A girl. A bump” quoted from the blurb. So a 15 year old girl called Hannah who gets pregnant but she’s known for falling around with boys but she doesn’t want to tell anyone who the father is. Which keeps making you read with the Who is the father ? scratching in the back of your mind the whole way through. A new boy called Aaron has moved into town and he has offered Hannah to pretend to be the father so now you have another question  Why is he prenting  to be the father to a girl he bearly knows ?

    Well it turns out there more to the story as the lies keep filling up adventurly some truth spills out and people are going to get hurt! 

Why I Gave It 4 Stars

       To be honest I found the beginning really intressing and got hooked but in the middle i thought it started to drag on but I kept reading it as i  needed  my question answer but when I got into the end that was it ! I was hooked there was no chances taking that book away from me not even for food !(and that not normal)  The ending was totally unexpected to me and I really enjoyed and it and I felt like it really captured some of the real meaning of teen pregnancy.

        Even though the middle dragged I would still recommend this book as you will learn a lot about it and you found the story engaging and there was quite a few twist and turns that changed your judgement theory’s on who the dad was, basily it kept you in your toe’s and personally I like books like that .

🎀Have you ever read this book ?🎀What’s your favorite book at the moment?🎀 Comment both below ⬇️

Peace out ✌️Book362worm aka Hannah x


3 thoughts on “Trouble Review

  1. i agree with you too it got a bit boring in the middle but i really didn’t expect the ending earlier. i still can’t get over it !!!!


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