Favourite Books Of 2015

Hello everyone,

          So 2015 is closing to a end and we are entering 2016, so i wanted to do my top 10 books that I have read this year.In no order as I love them all and it’s too hard to put them in order, trust me I tried but it was to difficult to as I kept changing my mind;

❄️ Looking for Alaska by John Green

❄️ The kissing booth by Beth Reekles

❄️ The fault in our stars by John Green

❄️ Binge by Tyler Oakley

❄️ Mememe by Charlotte Crosby 

❄️ Paper towns by John Green 

❄️ Trouble by Non Pratt

❄️ Girl online by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella 

❄️ Beautful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

❄️ A second chance summer by Morgan Matson

Each of these are different to one another as some are autobiography and others are Fiction. I have my reasons do each one but I’ll save that for a book review if one isn’t already posted 💖

For new year eves I’m coming out my room where I hide away and read to celebrate this with my family as we’re having a party ! But I’m sure I’ll find a corner to read in .

🎀 What is your top 10 favorite books you’ve read this year ? I would love to know so comment them below 💖🎀

So until the New Year, this is me done 


Peace out ✌️ Book362worm aka Hannah


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