The F It List Review

Hello everyone,

        Sorry it’s been a while this was ment to go up awhile go. So the first book I read of 2016 was The F It List by Julie Halpern.

Rate ~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


⚡️ NOT FOR ALL AGES ⚡️by this I mean 13+ unless your really mature as it has descriptive description in it.


Alex’s dad died and her best friend (Becca) slept with her boyfriend on the day of his funeral! Alex was so upset she didn’t talk to Becca for the whole of the summer, yet on the first day back she was ready to be friends again to only find out Becca wasn’t in school. Becca has Cancer!

Becca doesn’t know what the outcome of her treatment will be so she’s given Alex a bucket list to complete incase Becca die’s. While she doing this she falls Inlove with a guy called Leo but everything is about to get compercatied.

Why 5 Stars

Julie Halpern has covered many issues spread out between the three characters and you find that you feel like you are there, you feel like you know them. Just the way Julie has written it feels so real like a experience. It’s not a soppy cancer or love story it’s more about friendship and the importance of family.


Few of my Favorite quotes which really show how true to life and what teenagers can connect to;

– “revenge was only best served if it was at the right dinner party.” Page 82

-“It meant becasue you wear black. Like the couloir of your heart.” Page 128

-“what am I supposed to do? Sit around crying all day? That’s not how you deal with shit” Page 156

-“Once again, life had become too much to handle. The pile was too great. I pulled the covers over my head and listened to the screams.” Page 160

-“Becca had asked me to be nice. Instead, I was a monster.” Page 167

I would 100% RECOMMAND this book! 

⬇️ Comment your first book of 2016 ⬇️
Peace out✌️Book362worm aka Hannah


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