Darkmere Review

Hello Everyone,

This week read was Darkmere by Helen Maslin.

Rate~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

First off , sorry for the dodgy photo, it was late when I took it.


When I say late I mean 1:04 am, why so late ? Well this is one of them books that you can’t put down. I told myself that I couldn’t stop reading until I have finished and that’s excullary what I did! I wouldn’t normally read a book in this genre but the cover brought me in and the blurb sold me.

The book starts in the present with Purple haired 17 year old Kate point of view and also Elinor point of view, she is from the past century ( 200 years ago ). These two characher swapped stories through the book and you could feel them locking into place like they was connected …

Kate’s friend Leo inherited Darkemere castle so they  decided to spend the summer there, yet did they know it was haunted by Elinor’s past. The book is mainly based in a mysterious castle, on Kate side it’s dusty, warn down, creeky floorboards and doors compared on Elinor side it’s the opposite newly built, furnished and well in use castle that she lived in.

Why 5 stars ?

This book did start to drag on a little bit but what i didn’t know was that it was now starting to get real good. Then all of a sudden the chapters got a whole lot more intriguing it’s next twist is only a page away. Page after page more twist and turns were thrown in till finally , the ending was a four chapter away, now I was gasping and screaming with annoyance and as , wait no, they surely can’t die! But the book didn’t end , as the last few pages draw nearer, I found myself wanting more and more until I ran out of pages. The story could not just lay her !

This book was filled with adventure, laughs and screams. With 6 cocky teenager on a hoilday they will never forget, no matter how much they tried. Ghost revenging the past and dead bodies floating this is a must read recommation.


” The blood was horrible. It was dark and viscous, yet somehow it ran everywhere – Leo’s chest was streaming within seconds. ” Page 304

This is my new favorite book, WHATS YOURS ? 

Peace out ✌️ Book362worm aka Hannah x


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