Summer Unplugged Review

Hello Everyone,

Just as I was writing that everyone and everybody seems abit boring so I’m going to think of a nickname to call you umm I don’t know but comment it you can think of one.

Anyway back to it. This weeks book was Summer Unplugged by Amy Sparling.

Rate – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Bayleigh  is glued to her mobile phone and sneaks out at night, until one day when Bayleigh sends a indecent snap of herself to a boy and her mum decides that she has had enough. So as a result she got a punishment which was being shipped off  to her grandparents for the summer, with no Phone, Laptop… No way to contact anyone. Bayleigh couldn’t think of anything worst as social media was her life and the summer would be boring … That’s until she meets the boy next door.

Why 4 Stars

So this book was a really easy, peaceful read but not boring as it flowed really well. It has taken me less then one day to read. There’s another thing I felt like there should of been more to the story as it was only 128 pages long. Even though the book went into detail and really set the setting and mood, in a way you felt you was there.This story seems quite real as its one of them ones where it could easily happen at your school. This book is a sweet love story where the bad guy gets the girl and even cute moment on like the top of the fairest wheel. You had a small love triangle but you could guess who was going to get the girl even if one turned up unexpected! There are sequels to this book and don’t think oh great more but by the end your left wanting more which makes it perfect.


I would recommend this for a read on a hot lazy summer day. ( even though I read it on a cold lazy winter day ) IThink it’s a good read for 11+ ( just be wear of swearing) and that’s becasue now adays everyone is glued to there phones and it’s a teenagers worst nightmare to get grounded without a phone. I defiently know that I will be reading the sequel


“It’s weird how these same chores feel like backbreaking hard work at home when Mom’s yelling at me constantly to get them done, but here with Grandma, it feels rewarding to help out.” Page 98

Peace Out ✌️Book362worm aka Hannah.


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