Th1rteen R3ason Why Review

Hello Everyone,

        This week book is Th1rteen R3ason Why by Jay Asher.

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The story starts with Clay getting home from school to find a parcel on his porch, no return address or clue as what’s in. He open it to find seven tapes but what’s on the seven tapes is her voice. It was his first love Hannah Baker, also the girl who killed herself two weeks ago. He puts them in, press play and all of his question of why? Was answered, this was the story of why she killed herself !..

Why 4 Stars

Ok. So this is a hard one to explain, well it’s not but to express how good it is. This book was obviously a sensitive topic to write about but Jay Asher manages to do it! Now you really connect to Clay and  feel and think the same things as him, which is really good to be able to connect to a character. It was full of mystery and suspense and you find that you really get yourself into the story and can’t put it down. It is quite a sad book and you find yourself at points forgetting about the ending but reality knocks it back into you. I would recommend you to read this.

Why I Picked Up The Book

Ok. So I went into a book shop not sure on what book I was going to get but I know this book wasn’t planned. You see this isn’t my normal genera but it was the blurb that caught my eye. It has this amazing quote,   Quote

So many to choice from as there’s loads of good things but this paragraph really stick out to me, 

 Page 201.

New Thing,

Ok so when you read this after you finish reading the book your on or start the next one. Read a book from a different genra, it might quite just suprise you. 

Comment what country you from. I’m from English but I want to know about you 

Peace out ✌️Book362worm aka Hannah X 

Amazing Thing Just Happened

Ok so guys this just happened ! 😱😱😱😱 the main picture at the top is the one I posted on my bookstagram and the author just liked it !!!!! This is REAL !!!!



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