Sun Kissed Review

Hiya Everyone,

          This weeks book had a twist to it becasue me and my friend that I meet on bookstagram “Nicoleandbooks” have been reading this one together. Which was very fun. Have you ever done that ?Anyway this is Sun Kissed by Jenny McLachlan.

Rate –  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.25 


Like any other teenager we all rebel and make stupied mistakes like Shop Lifting and skiving lessons but when Kat is found hiding in her closet with her sisters ex-boyfriend her parents have decided that they have had enough. Kat is on the next flight to Sweden to spend the whole summer with her Aunt Frida leaving her friends and sister behind. But what she doesn’t know, is that they are going to be spending the summer on a isolated island called Stråla where there no cell reception and only a few people staying there but atleast one of them is hot Leo but we won’t get into that now 😏

Why 4.25 Stars

Ok, I know you don’t get 4.25 but still! I though 4 was to low and 4.5 was to high so you know I went in the middle.

This is the third book to Jenny McLachlan series.  To be honest I didn’t realise it was the third book in the series but it still made sense anyway because it focus on the main character.

 I thought this book was really fun to read with my friend ‘nicoleandbooks’ (from instgram) as it was a easy, fluent, funny read. What I also liked about this book was the fact you know KEO ( Nicole made up the ship of Leo and Kat ) was going to happen but you wasn’t sure when, the moment was going to strike! 


You also had a mix set of characters  fo a example Frida – her aunt who picked her up at the airport without shoes on and likes to go skinny dips a lot.

 Kat at the beginning she complained and moaned about nearly everything but as she comes to terms that’s she stuck on Stråla  for the whole summer she embraces it and even joins in with the activities. 

It certainly did have some funny and awarkard moments where you couldn’t help but laugh or give a cheeky grin. In the book you felt connected to the characher like you might aswell been on the island there. 


Ignore the pain and embrace the burnPage 167

Thought this was a sweet little quote. Hope Everyone has a good week at school

Peace Out ✌️ Book362worm aka Hannah x


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