The Fill In Boyfriend Review

Hello Everyone,

This weeks book is The Fill In Boyfriend by Kasie West. Now I was really exicted to read this one as I waited for it to come out in the uk and now I have finally got it. YAY!



Gia has been telling her judgement friends about her boyfriend Gerald from UCLA for months but just as they parked the car and was about to walk into prom together they broke up. This then left Gia desperate. She couldn’t walk into prom alone as this was the night she proved that he was real and that she hadn’t be lying the whole time and couldn’t bear to face all the questions, so the boy in the car park who had just dropped his sister off had to do. The rules were simple he was fill-in boyfriend Bradley, two hours max, zero commitment and a few white lie’s. Yet Gia didn’t know that she would be seeing Fill-in Bradley so soon, as she repayed the favour back by pretending to be his girlfriend for a graduation party… but as the two of them get closer and closer they discover feeling that neither of them could hide. The only problem was, Gia’s friends knew him as Bradley…

Why ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

I have to say that I was quite disappointed with this book, the main reason was because it was released on 3rd December 2015 and I was made to wait till Christmas, and then found out that I acularly had to wait this my birthday- Febuary 2016. This then meant there was a lot of build up, excitement and high expectations, that the book unfortunately did not reach.

However this book is very realist and is based on something you can connect too. It show’s how the smallest white lie, could loose your friends and that trust in any relationship is important. I like how loads of different relationships were built, broke down and analyzed.This book is a easy fluenc and fun read, it took me two sit ins to finish but even when the ending come I was left wanting more even though you sure the ending coming. This is one I would maybe read again in the summer whilst on holiday. I would recommend reading this book if you are into a chessy love story like me.


This book holds loads of cute quote’s but this one is my favorite.

My preference is simple-you

Have you read any of Kasie West before ?

Peace Out ✌️Book362worm aka Hannah x

P.S the letter E on my keyboard is playing up incase there are any that I have missed while correcting.



4 thoughts on “The Fill In Boyfriend Review

  1. I gave the same rating as you. I love how light the feels for this book is and how the books showed different kinds of relationships. But I love The Distance Between Us by Kasie West more. 🙂

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