I’ll Give You The Sun Review

Hey my Bookworm’s,

         Sorry I’ve been really busy but I’m back and this review is on I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson. Also guys I love my mum so much right now she has just brought me two brand new books but you will have to wait to see what 🙂

Rate ~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 


This story is split between the lives of Noah and his twin Jude. These two aren’t like normal siblings with the consent fighting they are inseparable until a horrible tragedy happened, leaving them both astray, barley speaking to one another. Both twin’s fall in love with boy’s they can’t have, but can they get along to help the other get the relationship or will they destroy it with the truth?

Why 5 Star’s?

There are so many wonderful things about this book from the amazing story line that had an ending you knew but couldn’t think it would possibly be right under your nose the whole time (no spoilers) It has so many great quotes and I love how the story changes between each twin every chapter. 

Both twin’s have applied to CSA an art school so as you go through the book, they will describe picture’s, painting and sculptures that literally form in your head as thy are that detailed but this is what makes the book beautifully different. I felt really connected to the because of this and I am; looking forward to reading many more books by Jandy Nelson.


So this book was actuary read from a recommendation from one of my friends (who would rather not to be named) and OMG, I 100% would recommend this magnificent book to EVERYONE no matter what age range whether our 13 to 26+…

It is just amazing plus seriously no spoilers but still the ending is something you do put together as you go along but no, just no, I can’t get over it!!! How can should a thing be possible!


This book was filled with loads of sticky notes as there are so many good quotes (I’m not a monster and fold the pages!) so you might have to read the book to understand

  • ‘I remind myself he’s probably worse luck than all the world’s black cats and broken mirrors combined.’ Page 58
  • ‘Her shadow kept trying to strange mine.’ Page 76
  • ‘Reality is crushing. The world is wrong-sized shoe. How can anyone stand it?’ Page 138
  • ‘He’s the kind of man who walks into a room and all the walls fall down’ Page 185
  • ‘They are like father and son, just not by blood’ Page 217
  • ‘The second he was okay, I slapped him as hard as I could across the face.’ Page 263
  • ‘I didn’t know if he was going to kiss me or punch me.’ Page 321
  • Where the hell is Ralph?’ page everywhere

Peace Out ✌️ Book362worm aka Hannah x


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