Everything Everything Review

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So as you may have of noticed that I haven’t been very frequent with my once a week post. So here’s another book review, please comment down below what tags you would like me to do. This review is Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.

Rate- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.75



This book is about 18 year old Maddie who lives in this bubble that she can’t leave and by that I mean the house. Unfortunaly Maddie has a rare disease called SCID which means that she is allergic to pretty much everything (basically the world itself) She has never left the house but there is a feeling inside that something is going to change when the hot new neighbour takes her breath away from staring through her plain bedroom window where she is held prisoner due to her illness. But can she resist the temptation of meeting Olly? and is she going to take a crazy risk of bursting her bubble for a very complicated love story?

Why 4.75 Stars ?

This book is one of my normal reads a cute love story, however there is unexpected twist that I knew was coming, but I thought it was something else. This book made me feel connected to the characters however it was a two sit in read as I started at 1 am and by 4 am I only had a hundred pages left but I had to get up for school so I spent another hour after school finishing. So approximately this book took me 4 hours to read, but don’t get me wrong it’s not one of them crap short reads or one left unfinished it just flowed so nicely and had me hooked from page by page.  I also think that as this book was such an easy but lovely cute read I will be reading it quite a lot through the years. another thing i love is this book shows how much people are willing to risk to keep there love one’s.


I know I say this about all my books but hell yes! But the day after I have finished this book I gave it to my friend the next morning at school and I’m waiting on her response I do hop she loves it and enjoys it as much as I do 🙂


Spend some time with your mother. Boys come and go, but mothers are foreverPage 113

Maybe growing up means disappointing the people we lovePage 218

Nothing hurts except my heart, but I’m trying not to us itPage 252

My heart is too bruised and I want to keep the pain as a reminderPage 255

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I’ll Give You The Sun Review

Hey my Bookworm’s,

         Sorry I’ve been really busy but I’m back and this review is on I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson. Also guys I love my mum so much right now she has just brought me two brand new books but you will have to wait to see what 🙂

Rate ~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 


This story is split between the lives of Noah and his twin Jude. These two aren’t like normal siblings with the consent fighting they are inseparable until a horrible tragedy happened, leaving them both astray, barley speaking to one another. Both twin’s fall in love with boy’s they can’t have, but can they get along to help the other get the relationship or will they destroy it with the truth?

Why 5 Star’s?

There are so many wonderful things about this book from the amazing story line that had an ending you knew but couldn’t think it would possibly be right under your nose the whole time (no spoilers) It has so many great quotes and I love how the story changes between each twin every chapter. 

Both twin’s have applied to CSA an art school so as you go through the book, they will describe picture’s, painting and sculptures that literally form in your head as thy are that detailed but this is what makes the book beautifully different. I felt really connected to the because of this and I am; looking forward to reading many more books by Jandy Nelson.


So this book was actuary read from a recommendation from one of my friends (who would rather not to be named) and OMG, I 100% would recommend this magnificent book to EVERYONE no matter what age range whether our 13 to 26+…

It is just amazing plus seriously no spoilers but still the ending is something you do put together as you go along but no, just no, I can’t get over it!!! How can should a thing be possible!


This book was filled with loads of sticky notes as there are so many good quotes (I’m not a monster and fold the pages!) so you might have to read the book to understand

  • ‘I remind myself he’s probably worse luck than all the world’s black cats and broken mirrors combined.’ Page 58
  • ‘Her shadow kept trying to strange mine.’ Page 76
  • ‘Reality is crushing. The world is wrong-sized shoe. How can anyone stand it?’ Page 138
  • ‘He’s the kind of man who walks into a room and all the walls fall down’ Page 185
  • ‘They are like father and son, just not by blood’ Page 217
  • ‘The second he was okay, I slapped him as hard as I could across the face.’ Page 263
  • ‘I didn’t know if he was going to kiss me or punch me.’ Page 321
  • Where the hell is Ralph?’ page everywhere

Peace Out ✌️ Book362worm aka Hannah x

The Fill In Boyfriend Review

Hello Everyone,

This weeks book is The Fill In Boyfriend by Kasie West. Now I was really exicted to read this one as I waited for it to come out in the uk and now I have finally got it. YAY!



Gia has been telling her judgement friends about her boyfriend Gerald from UCLA for months but just as they parked the car and was about to walk into prom together they broke up. This then left Gia desperate. She couldn’t walk into prom alone as this was the night she proved that he was real and that she hadn’t be lying the whole time and couldn’t bear to face all the questions, so the boy in the car park who had just dropped his sister off had to do. The rules were simple he was fill-in boyfriend Bradley, two hours max, zero commitment and a few white lie’s. Yet Gia didn’t know that she would be seeing Fill-in Bradley so soon, as she repayed the favour back by pretending to be his girlfriend for a graduation party… but as the two of them get closer and closer they discover feeling that neither of them could hide. The only problem was, Gia’s friends knew him as Bradley…

Why ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

I have to say that I was quite disappointed with this book, the main reason was because it was released on 3rd December 2015 and I was made to wait till Christmas, and then found out that I acularly had to wait this my birthday- Febuary 2016. This then meant there was a lot of build up, excitement and high expectations, that the book unfortunately did not reach.

However this book is very realist and is based on something you can connect too. It show’s how the smallest white lie, could loose your friends and that trust in any relationship is important. I like how loads of different relationships were built, broke down and analyzed.This book is a easy fluenc and fun read, it took me two sit ins to finish but even when the ending come I was left wanting more even though you sure the ending coming. This is one I would maybe read again in the summer whilst on holiday. I would recommend reading this book if you are into a chessy love story like me.


This book holds loads of cute quote’s but this one is my favorite.

My preference is simple-you

Have you read any of Kasie West before ?

Peace Out ✌️Book362worm aka Hannah x

P.S the letter E on my keyboard is playing up incase there are any that I have missed while correcting.


Sun Kissed Review

Hiya Everyone,

          This weeks book had a twist to it becasue me and my friend that I meet on bookstagram “Nicoleandbooks” have been reading this one together. Which was very fun. Have you ever done that ?Anyway this is Sun Kissed by Jenny McLachlan.

Rate –  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.25 


Like any other teenager we all rebel and make stupied mistakes like Shop Lifting and skiving lessons but when Kat is found hiding in her closet with her sisters ex-boyfriend her parents have decided that they have had enough. Kat is on the next flight to Sweden to spend the whole summer with her Aunt Frida leaving her friends and sister behind. But what she doesn’t know, is that they are going to be spending the summer on a isolated island called Stråla where there no cell reception and only a few people staying there but atleast one of them is hot Leo but we won’t get into that now 😏

Why 4.25 Stars

Ok, I know you don’t get 4.25 but still! I though 4 was to low and 4.5 was to high so you know I went in the middle.

This is the third book to Jenny McLachlan series.  To be honest I didn’t realise it was the third book in the series but it still made sense anyway because it focus on the main character.

 I thought this book was really fun to read with my friend ‘nicoleandbooks’ (from instgram) as it was a easy, fluent, funny read. What I also liked about this book was the fact you know KEO ( Nicole made up the ship of Leo and Kat ) was going to happen but you wasn’t sure when, the moment was going to strike! 


You also had a mix set of characters  fo a example Frida – her aunt who picked her up at the airport without shoes on and likes to go skinny dips a lot.

 Kat at the beginning she complained and moaned about nearly everything but as she comes to terms that’s she stuck on Stråla  for the whole summer she embraces it and even joins in with the activities. 

It certainly did have some funny and awarkard moments where you couldn’t help but laugh or give a cheeky grin. In the book you felt connected to the characher like you might aswell been on the island there. 


Ignore the pain and embrace the burnPage 167

Thought this was a sweet little quote. Hope Everyone has a good week at school

Peace Out ✌️ Book362worm aka Hannah x

Th1rteen R3ason Why Review

Hello Everyone,

        This week book is Th1rteen R3ason Why by Jay Asher.

Rate~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The story starts with Clay getting home from school to find a parcel on his porch, no return address or clue as what’s in. He open it to find seven tapes but what’s on the seven tapes is her voice. It was his first love Hannah Baker, also the girl who killed herself two weeks ago. He puts them in, press play and all of his question of why? Was answered, this was the story of why she killed herself !..

Why 4 Stars

Ok. So this is a hard one to explain, well it’s not but to express how good it is. This book was obviously a sensitive topic to write about but Jay Asher manages to do it! Now you really connect to Clay and  feel and think the same things as him, which is really good to be able to connect to a character. It was full of mystery and suspense and you find that you really get yourself into the story and can’t put it down. It is quite a sad book and you find yourself at points forgetting about the ending but reality knocks it back into you. I would recommend you to read this.

Why I Picked Up The Book

Ok. So I went into a book shop not sure on what book I was going to get but I know this book wasn’t planned. You see this isn’t my normal genera but it was the blurb that caught my eye. It has this amazing quote,   Quote

So many to choice from as there’s loads of good things but this paragraph really stick out to me, 

 Page 201.

New Thing,

Ok so when you read this after you finish reading the book your on or start the next one. Read a book from a different genra, it might quite just suprise you. 

Comment what country you from. I’m from English but I want to know about you 

Peace out ✌️Book362worm aka Hannah X 

Amazing Thing Just Happened

Ok so guys this just happened ! 😱😱😱😱 the main picture at the top is the one I posted on my bookstagram and the author just liked it !!!!! This is REAL !!!!


Summer Unplugged Review

Hello Everyone,

Just as I was writing that everyone and everybody seems abit boring so I’m going to think of a nickname to call you umm I don’t know but comment it you can think of one.

Anyway back to it. This weeks book was Summer Unplugged by Amy Sparling.

Rate – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Bayleigh  is glued to her mobile phone and sneaks out at night, until one day when Bayleigh sends a indecent snap of herself to a boy and her mum decides that she has had enough. So as a result she got a punishment which was being shipped off  to her grandparents for the summer, with no Phone, Laptop… No way to contact anyone. Bayleigh couldn’t think of anything worst as social media was her life and the summer would be boring … That’s until she meets the boy next door.

Why 4 Stars

So this book was a really easy, peaceful read but not boring as it flowed really well. It has taken me less then one day to read. There’s another thing I felt like there should of been more to the story as it was only 128 pages long. Even though the book went into detail and really set the setting and mood, in a way you felt you was there.This story seems quite real as its one of them ones where it could easily happen at your school. This book is a sweet love story where the bad guy gets the girl and even cute moment on like the top of the fairest wheel. You had a small love triangle but you could guess who was going to get the girl even if one turned up unexpected! There are sequels to this book and don’t think oh great more but by the end your left wanting more which makes it perfect.


I would recommend this for a read on a hot lazy summer day. ( even though I read it on a cold lazy winter day ) IThink it’s a good read for 11+ ( just be wear of swearing) and that’s becasue now adays everyone is glued to there phones and it’s a teenagers worst nightmare to get grounded without a phone. I defiently know that I will be reading the sequel


“It’s weird how these same chores feel like backbreaking hard work at home when Mom’s yelling at me constantly to get them done, but here with Grandma, it feels rewarding to help out.” Page 98

Peace Out ✌️Book362worm aka Hannah.

Darkmere Review

Hello Everyone,

This week read was Darkmere by Helen Maslin.

Rate~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

First off , sorry for the dodgy photo, it was late when I took it.


When I say late I mean 1:04 am, why so late ? Well this is one of them books that you can’t put down. I told myself that I couldn’t stop reading until I have finished and that’s excullary what I did! I wouldn’t normally read a book in this genre but the cover brought me in and the blurb sold me.

The book starts in the present with Purple haired 17 year old Kate point of view and also Elinor point of view, she is from the past century ( 200 years ago ). These two characher swapped stories through the book and you could feel them locking into place like they was connected …

Kate’s friend Leo inherited Darkemere castle so they  decided to spend the summer there, yet did they know it was haunted by Elinor’s past. The book is mainly based in a mysterious castle, on Kate side it’s dusty, warn down, creeky floorboards and doors compared on Elinor side it’s the opposite newly built, furnished and well in use castle that she lived in.

Why 5 stars ?

This book did start to drag on a little bit but what i didn’t know was that it was now starting to get real good. Then all of a sudden the chapters got a whole lot more intriguing it’s next twist is only a page away. Page after page more twist and turns were thrown in till finally , the ending was a four chapter away, now I was gasping and screaming with annoyance and as , wait no, they surely can’t die! But the book didn’t end , as the last few pages draw nearer, I found myself wanting more and more until I ran out of pages. The story could not just lay her !

This book was filled with adventure, laughs and screams. With 6 cocky teenager on a hoilday they will never forget, no matter how much they tried. Ghost revenging the past and dead bodies floating this is a must read recommation.


” The blood was horrible. It was dark and viscous, yet somehow it ran everywhere – Leo’s chest was streaming within seconds. ” Page 304

This is my new favorite book, WHATS YOURS ? 

Peace out ✌️ Book362worm aka Hannah x