Everything Everything Review

Hello my Bookworms,

So as you may have of noticed that I haven’t been very frequent with my once a week post. So here’s another book review, please comment down below what tags you would like me to do. This review is Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.

Rate- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.75



This book is about 18 year old Maddie who lives in this bubble that she can’t leave and by that I mean the house. Unfortunaly Maddie has a rare disease called SCID which means that she is allergic to pretty much everything (basically the world itself) She has never left the house but there is a feeling inside that something is going to change when the hot new neighbour takes her breath away from staring through her plain bedroom window where she is held prisoner due to her illness. But can she resist the temptation of meeting Olly? and is she going to take a crazy risk of bursting her bubble for a very complicated love story?

Why 4.75 Stars ?

This book is one of my normal reads a cute love story, however there is unexpected twist that I knew was coming, but I thought it was something else. This book made me feel connected to the characters however it was a two sit in read as I started at 1 am and by 4 am I only had a hundred pages left but I had to get up for school so I spent another hour after school finishing. So approximately this book took me 4 hours to read, but don’t get me wrong it’s not one of them crap short reads or one left unfinished it just flowed so nicely and had me hooked from page by page.  I also think that as this book was such an easy but lovely cute read I will be reading it quite a lot through the years. another thing i love is this book shows how much people are willing to risk to keep there love one’s.


I know I say this about all my books but hell yes! But the day after I have finished this book I gave it to my friend the next morning at school and I’m waiting on her response I do hop she loves it and enjoys it as much as I do 🙂


Spend some time with your mother. Boys come and go, but mothers are foreverPage 113

Maybe growing up means disappointing the people we lovePage 218

Nothing hurts except my heart, but I’m trying not to us itPage 252

My heart is too bruised and I want to keep the pain as a reminderPage 255

 Peace Out book362worm aka Hannah x


I’ll Give You The Sun Review

Hey my Bookworm’s,

         Sorry I’ve been really busy but I’m back and this review is on I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson. Also guys I love my mum so much right now she has just brought me two brand new books but you will have to wait to see what 🙂

Rate ~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 


This story is split between the lives of Noah and his twin Jude. These two aren’t like normal siblings with the consent fighting they are inseparable until a horrible tragedy happened, leaving them both astray, barley speaking to one another. Both twin’s fall in love with boy’s they can’t have, but can they get along to help the other get the relationship or will they destroy it with the truth?

Why 5 Star’s?

There are so many wonderful things about this book from the amazing story line that had an ending you knew but couldn’t think it would possibly be right under your nose the whole time (no spoilers) It has so many great quotes and I love how the story changes between each twin every chapter. 

Both twin’s have applied to CSA an art school so as you go through the book, they will describe picture’s, painting and sculptures that literally form in your head as thy are that detailed but this is what makes the book beautifully different. I felt really connected to the because of this and I am; looking forward to reading many more books by Jandy Nelson.


So this book was actuary read from a recommendation from one of my friends (who would rather not to be named) and OMG, I 100% would recommend this magnificent book to EVERYONE no matter what age range whether our 13 to 26+…

It is just amazing plus seriously no spoilers but still the ending is something you do put together as you go along but no, just no, I can’t get over it!!! How can should a thing be possible!


This book was filled with loads of sticky notes as there are so many good quotes (I’m not a monster and fold the pages!) so you might have to read the book to understand

  • ‘I remind myself he’s probably worse luck than all the world’s black cats and broken mirrors combined.’ Page 58
  • ‘Her shadow kept trying to strange mine.’ Page 76
  • ‘Reality is crushing. The world is wrong-sized shoe. How can anyone stand it?’ Page 138
  • ‘He’s the kind of man who walks into a room and all the walls fall down’ Page 185
  • ‘They are like father and son, just not by blood’ Page 217
  • ‘The second he was okay, I slapped him as hard as I could across the face.’ Page 263
  • ‘I didn’t know if he was going to kiss me or punch me.’ Page 321
  • Where the hell is Ralph?’ page everywhere

Peace Out ✌️ Book362worm aka Hannah x

Me Before You Review

Hello my Bookworms,

Today’s review is the wonderful book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. 

Rate- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 



Will Traynor became a c4/5 Quad after being in a motor cycle accident 1 year ago, which left him paralysed from the chest down. His life went from being a business man in London to living in an annex with his parents on the doorstep. Unable to do anything for himself, even simple tasks like eating, changing and going to the toilet. Will is losing the desire to live and knows exactly how he’s going to end his life but after Louise burst into his life full of colour and happiness, she is the only thing standing in Will’s way. Can she change his mind and show him there’s more to live for before it’s too late ?

Louise Clark is an intelligent woman who knows lots of thing such as how many footsteps between the bus stop and home. But what she doesn’t know, is that getting hired by Mrs Traynor, after losing he job at The Buttered Bun will turn her life upside down. Open her eye’s to new experiences at a deathly cost, but who knows she might find a new love to only be ripped away from her! Is there going to be a happy ending or left in tears ?

Why 5 stars ?

So… mmm. I don’t know I just can’t begin to express how much I loved this book.

Page by page I was sucked in and the more I read the more I couldn’t put it down even when it hit 1 am and I was completely tired, I kept saying just one more chapter and before I knew it in a couple of days I finished the whole thing. For me 521 pages I quite a long read and would take me approximately 5 days. Which sometimes I would then find it to drag but no, not this book. I loved every last second of it even if it left me in tears at the end (Don’t worry no spoiler’s)


I would defiantly recommend this book to the older reader out there, I think this book Is more aimed at teen/young adults. It is really enjoyable and easy to get lost inside as you feel cone connected to everyone. I am also looking forward into reading more books by Jojo Moyes.


Have any of you seen the trailer ❤ so excited for the film! I am really glad that I have read this book first even though I know when I watch the film small details are going to bug me like… a picture from the film was realised that Louise could the bumble bee tattoo on her finger instead of her hip in the book. Small petite things like that, not that it over all matter’s. By the way I will leave a link to the trailer at the bottom.


Okay, so some of these quotes you might have to read the book to understand but here are a few of my favourite’s;

‘‘Bumblebee tights’’ Page 109

‘‘I just … want to be a man who has been to a concert with a girl in a red dress. Just for a few minutes more’’ Page 216

‘‘He laughed so hard he nearly dislodged one of his tubes’’ Page 285

‘‘Knowledge is power, clark’’ Page 286

‘‘Sometimes, Clark, you are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning.’’ Page 350

Peace Out () Book362worm aka Hannah x


Peace Out✌️BOOK362WORM aka Hannah.

25 Bookish Fact’s

Hello my bookworms,

Yes, that it it’s perfect, instead of the boring hello everyone/everybody I’m not going to say bookworms. What do you think?

I was looking at www.thebookishintrovert.wordprss.com account and saw that she did 25 Bookish Facts and I thought that would be perfect for today’s post and I know that I didn’t post yesterday but I saved it for today as the 3rd of March is WORLD BOOK DAY.

  1. I started my book account on Instagram (book362worm) just before the summer holidays 2015 which is where I have made loads of great friends.
  2. My goal for this year is to read 100 books.
  3. I cry if I get emotionally attached to the book that makes me feel like I’m apart of it and then a character die’s i.e. The Fault In Our Star’s and Second Chance Summer.
  4. My favourite place to read my book is in a tree. Yes, a tree we have a big one in our back garden and I love to climb to the highest branch to read, which I’ll stay there for hours.
  5. My favourite author has to be John Green.
  6. My current favourite book is Darkmere by Helen Maslin.
  7. My drink of choice while reading tends to be a hot chocolate, I suppose it depends on what mood I’m in.
  8. I’ve got in trouble at school before because I was reading my book under the desk and soon all my teachers caught on … ugh maths
  9. A book I love to re-read if I’m sad or in the romance mood is The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles. I absolutely love this book and it will always cheer me up.
  10. Favorited quote about books is “Books have to be heavy because the whole world’s inside them” by Funke, Inkheart.
  11. My worst bookish habits are either breaking the spine (not so much now) and dropping my book in the bath or swimming pool!😁
  12. I don’t tend to use bookmarks, mainly because I only own one which I lose a lot. Normally you will find anything like right now I have a stamp book as my book mark.
  13. Might be just me but I take the dust jacket of hardbacks when I am reading them.
  14. My book shelf’s is a mess and have no kind of any order.
  15. I have met a few author but when I sau authors I mean youtubers/celebrity who have published a book about themselves; Tyler Oakley, Marcus Bulter, Pointless Blog and Charlotte Crosby.
  16. Whenever I read a book I always visualize the character in it and chat to people afterwards to see how they saw them. (it’s really interesting to see there opions)
  17. The longest I have ever gone without reading a book is a week and a half.
  18. I know. I know, this one is weird but I’m not a big fan of series of book’s because I find they drag and yeah … sorry not sorry.
  19. If I write in my book it’s only in pencil and that’s if I’m underlining a quote and then I write the page number on the front page.
  20. My books are either brought from online (amazon) or in a bookshop (Waterstones’s) but they are two completely different things. If I’m buying online, I know what I’m getting if I’m going in a shop I enter with an open mind and have no clue what I am going to walk out with.
  21. I try to read the minim of 75-100 pages a day.
  22. Whenever I finish a book I have to sleep on it till I can start the next one. Does that make sense? So if I finish one Monday, I won’t start one until Tuesday morning at the earliest.
  23. I think I prefer fictional boys to real life one’s as a lot nicer and they can look how you want them to.
  24. My favourite fictional character that I would want to be in a realationship would be either Noah Flynn from the Kissing Booth or Jace Adams from The Summer Unplugged Series.
  25. The last fact has to the obvious one I can’t enter a book shop without having to buy at least one book!!

Now, I dare you to do this tag…

Peace Out ✌️ book362worm aka Hannah